Rules of conduct

Slovenia is a beautiful country that is surely worthy of a visit at least once in your lifetime. Scouts play a big part in keeping this countries’ youth interested in its beauty and splendor. Keeping that in mind we have some rules when other scout groups visit us and ask us for help. We do not have the right to say if you can or can not visit Slovenia. We can decline help though if you do not follow the rules we have set.

  1. The first rule that basically covers everything is follow scout law (
  2. Scouts do NOT drink alcohol (no matter what anyone says beer is alcohol). Going on an organized wine degustation is OK but by no means do we condone party drinking and getting drunk.
  3. Scouts do not steal. We do not take shopping carts to bring our groceries to the camping grounds (that’s what bags and backpacks are for), we do not take tools from other people without asking just because we need them, etc.
  4. We follow camping ground rules. If the camp site is privately owned we ask what the rules are. Are we allowed to start fires, chop trees or dig holes? In summer time the south-west part of Slovenia is normally under orange or yellow alarm. That means NO open flames under ANY circumstances. Check the status before you start a fire.
  5. A Slovenian scout proverb is that scouts always leave the scene cleaner then when they arrived. That means we clean up before we leave, pick up the trash, sweep and clean the rooms we stayed in (yes even the toilet and showers).
  6. When you’re planning your visit it is your duty to inform the local police station. If you plan on starting fires it is also a good idea to inform the local fire department.