Structure and membership

Members, depending on their age, make an oath to join the world guide and scout family. Members are between 6 and 21 years of age, who can later become leaders and trainers.

  • Beavers (6-7) The youngest section in scouting. The programme is based on the concept of co-operating and sharing.


  • Cub Guides and Cub Scouts (8-10) Their imaginative place of education is the Jungle, with their own promise, law and scarf. The education program is based on R. Kiplings´- Jungle Book.


  • Guides and Scouts (11-15) Explore and observe nature, through camping in single sex patrols. They are united in a mixed troop.


  • Rovers and Rangers (16-21) They begin with novitiate, which lasts one year and is the preparation for the Clan. Their main elements are path, community and service.


Leaders and adults (over 21) Work as guide and scout leaders or run different projects. They can also be trainers for the organization or for the community. ZSKSS has its own training school. The average age of adult leaders is 24.

All our members wear uniforms in the colour of a unique Slovenian wild flower called Kranjska lilija (Lily of Carniola). The colour of the uniform is deep orange. Members of each local unit wear a different scarf, which represents its uniqueness and reflects local elements.