Presentation of our organisation

(e.g. type, number of members, scope of work, areas of specific expertise, main activities ...)

Slovenian catholic girl guides and boy scouts association is an independent, voluntary, youth, educational and open Slovenian scout and guide association which was established in 1990. We operate for 25 years now and we are one of the most active non-governmental youth organizations in Slovenia. We have more than 4500 members, aged 6-30 years (of which more than 800 volunteers - youth workers or leaders).  Our headquarters is in capital city Ljubljana, and there are 71 local units spread across all country.
The primary purpose of the Association is to contribute to the full physical, mental, spiritual and social development of young people so that they can become people of strong character, responsible citizens and members of local, national and international communities. We have the status of an association of public interest in the field of education and the status of a national youth organization.
We realize our mission through the following main activities:

  • Implementation of the program by local units (regular weekly activities, camps, winter camps and local projects)
  • Organization of training courses for youth leaders and workers
  • Organization of outdoor activities and activities related to environmental protection,
  • Organization of activities to promote healthy lifestyle and youth health,
  • Organization of educational and training activities,
  • Advocacy for young people
  • Organization of sporting, cultural and entertainment activities,
  • Organization of humanitarian and socially-oriented projects,
  • Organization of promotional activities of Scouting,
  • Publishing journals and other publications,
  • Cooperation with other organizations and relevant government departments and institutions.

In addition to volunteers, the organization has five full-time employees, a secretary and four professional workers and one part-time employee (data for year 2015). Our offices in Ljubljana are in a long-term lease and we have another long-term lease at the Slovenia Forest Service for a house in Kočevski rog. There we have the Environmental Scout Centre.

Fundation for our education is represented in 9 VALUES IN SCOUTING AND GUIDING:

  1. optimism and nice attitude towards life
  2. empathic behaviour, friendship and love
  3. phisical/mental and spiritual health
  4. self-respectfulness, freedom, responsibility and critical thinking
  5. creativity and initiativness
  6. respect towards nature
  7. respect towards your own country and nation and social awareness
  8. interconnectedness
  9. faith and sense of belonging to Church